How to Play Cajun Stud

The object of the Game is to get a five card poker hand consisting of a pair or better.

You make an initial ANTE bet to receive two hole cards. Upon reviewing your two hole cards, you may raise or fold. If you raise, you may raise 1 or 3 times your ante bet. The dealer then reveals the third card to the community board. You may now fold or raise one to three times on the 4th card betting spot. The dealer reveals a 4th card on the community board to improve you hand. Finally, you may fold or raise your hand one to three times on the 5th card spot. The dealer reveals the 5th and final card and pushes (ties) everyone who has a pair of 6’s to 10’s, and pays everyone who has a pair of Jacks or better. Hands of two pair or better pay additional bonuses.

Cajun Stud Wagers

Board Bonus – make this bet to win if the three community cards consist of one pair or better. See posted paytables for payouts.

Pocket Bonus – Compare your two Pocket Cards with the posted paytable for a generous reward.

Lo Ball – Have a bad hand? Make this wager and get paid odds, if your hand is 7-high thru Jack-high.

Ante – Make this wager to receive cards to play against the posted paytable. Pushes on 6’s-10’s and wins with Jacks or better.

Raise – You may raise 1 to 3 times your ante bet to win with Jacks or better or push with 6’s-10’s.