How to Bet Royal Match 21

In order to play Fortune Card Royal Match 21, you must make your Royal Bet at the same time you make the traditional blackjack bet.

Place the bet in the Royal Match circle to the right of the blackjack bet to enter the round. If the wager is not placed in the Royal Match circle, you are not eligible for the Royal Match payoffs! The amount you win is based on the size of your bet. Minimum and maximum bets will be posted.

If the first two cards you receive are in the SAME SUIT, you are an INSTANT WINNER! If the first two cards you receive are KING and QUEEN in the SAME SUIT, you win the ROYAL MATCH PAYOFF posted at the table!

Royal Match 21 bets are settled before the start of the traditional blackjack round. Blackjack and Royal bets are separate. All blackjack rules apply after the Royal Match is complete. Click on Blackjack for traditional rules